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Easy To Use Tablature Editor

Looking for a powerful yet simple to use editor for your guitar tabs? Then you must try GuitarSharp for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar players.

A full range of tablature notation is supported with a simple to use drag and drop usage. Automatic formatting and layout features leave you free to interact with your music. Full classical notation is also supported alongside the tablature notation with the ability to import 1,000's of files available on the web.

Whether you are playing, learning, teaching or composing for the guitar, GuitarSharp will help you get the very best out of your guitar with its wide range of features.

Editing a guitar intro piece.
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Take a Virtual Tour

See a walk through of the features of GuitarSharp in action. Click here or the image to start the GuitarSharp Virtual Tour to learn how GuitarSharp has evolved and the features you can use to compliment your guitar skills.

Wanting to improve your guitar playing and take it to the next level? Then the Playback Trainer is the feature for you. It allows you to play sections of your music at variable and increasing speeds so that you can practice and perfect your guitar playing skills. You can also add multi-media tutorials into your music projects so that you can easily watch and learn how others suggest you play.

There are thousands of GuitarSharp compatible files and guitar tabs available on the web just waiting for you to download them and learn how to play them.

Online Tutorials

Come and visit the GuitarSharp YouTube channel for a range of tutorial and demonstration videos for using GuitarSharp.

A range of simple short videos are available that clearly demonstrate topics like Note editing, Chords, Time Signatures, Key Signatures and using the Virtual Fretboard.

All of these videos are also available directly within GuitarSharp so they are easily to hand if you need them whilst you are composing or playing your music.

Start the GuitarSharp YouTube channel.
Configuring VST Effects to find your sound.

VST Effects and MIDI

Your guitar can produce many wonderful tones, so why should you be limited to a standard library of sounds? GuitarSharp supports the huge range of openly available VST Effects that can be used to alter the in-built audio, or you can connect your guitar directly to your computer and experiment with many different guitar software effects. Chaining VST Effects together can give you endless opportunities to get the sound you want.

GuitarSharp also supports MIDI compatible devices that can be used to record your music and also for playback. If you are looking for a quick way to transcribe your music, then you can play a MIDI device directly into GuitarSharp and watch the notes appear on the staves. Real-time MIDI output can also be used to feed your music into external MIDI devices or other compatible music software.


  • Guitar tab importing
  • Playback speed trainer
  • Fretboard note entry
  • Up to four voices
  • Bass guitar support
  • Drums support
  • Lyrics
  • Chord Diagrams
  • ASIO support
  • Guitar tab notation
  • Importing of GuitarPro file formats
  • Auto formatting
  • Command speech recognition
  • Guitar tabs importing

The downloadable version of GuitarSharp is a free trial version with the Save functionality disabled. When you buy a license for GuitarSharp you will enable the full functionality, get full support and updates plus you will be helping fund the further development of the GuitarSharp software.

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