Free Trial Download

Windows Store

The GuitarSharp trial can be downloaded from the Windows Store. The Microsoft certification ensures the authenticity and trustworthiness of GuitarSharp. Once downloaded, GuitarSharp is available in the Windows Start Menu.

We recommend you at least have a read of the first few sections of the GuitarSharp user manual to familiarise yourself with some of the concepts of the software. There are also some quick start style sections if you don't fancy reading the whole manual just yet! The manual can be opened via the Help menu tab.

Opening the GuitarSharp manual

Confirmed Virus Safe

The GuitarSharp software download does not contain any malicious code and it is safe to install on your computer. The software package has been approved for the Microsoft Store and meets their strict guidelines.

Additionally, the GuitarSharp software has been successfully scanned by over 60 anti-virus tools using the VirusTotal website. The VirusTotal report for the GuitarSharp application can be found here.