Importing into GuitarSharp

GuitarSharp has support for other guitar software and allows you to import GuitarPro (all versions) and Guitar Tabs files which are available on the internet.

Online Guitar Music Importing

When wanting to learn to play a new song, Google is usually the first place to look. But there are many popular sites for guitar players which offer downloadable files. Some of these are free and some are paid for. But it can be tedious finding a version of the song that is transcribed correctly. So the Clould Import feature of GuitarSharp can save you time. Enter the song title or artist name and ask GuitarSharp to find a site which has it. As you can see here, a selection is shown from some sites which are free and some which would need membership for.

Easily search for on-line music files to import into GuitarSharp.
Automatic loading of your selected on-line music files.

Auto Download Importing

Once you have picked the file you want, there is no need to hunt around for its download location on your computer. The GuitarSharp software can automatically monitor for your download. When you have picked your selection from the choice of matching songs, you will be taken to the relevant guitar web site where the file can be downloaded from (and enter membership details if required). When the file gets downloaded to your computer, GuitarSharp will automatically import it for you. It now makes it really easy to find a version of the song which is right for you.

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