‘Drop Repeat’ Feature

We would like to introduce you to a new feature that has been added to the latest version of GuitarSharp that was released today. We call this feature Drop Repeat, and it has been suggested by a couple of our users as being a feature that would improve the speed of using the Drag and Drop operations in GuitarSharp.

The Drag and Drop feature in GuitarSharp is a really intuitive way to create your guitar music without the need to remember key presses. Plus, it also works on Classical and Tablature Staves. However, if you have a lot of very similar Notes or Rests that need adding in sequence, then it can become quite repetitive to have to keep going back to the Toolbox to re-drag the item. When the Drop Repeat feature is selected, the last dropped item remains selected in the Toolbox so that you can then simply point and click where you would like the next similar item to be placed. No more having to keep going back to the Toolbox!

To switch on this feature, there is a new Drop Repeat menu item in the Edit menu:

Drop Repeat menu item


When this is selected, the next Drag and Drop operation will retain the Toolbox selected item. For example, if we select the Drag and Drop menu item and then drag a Note onto the Classical Stave:

Drag and drop a Note

We get the usual behaviour as originally supported, however, notice that the Note has remained selected in the Notes Toolbox and the drag magnifier remains visible. We can now move the mouse to the next place we would like to place a similar Note and the cursor tracks where a Note can be added:

Point and click a Note

When we click the mouse button, a similar Note to the initially dragged Note is added at this location too:

Point and click and repeat

We can then continue clicking and adding the same Note over and over again without the need to drag a Note from the Note Toolbox.

Once you have finished adding the selected type of Note, either click on a non-Stave area of the screen, or press the Escape key, or select a different item from the Toolbox.

We hope you agree that this feature is really useful and speeds up the time it would take to compose a piece of music using Drag and Drop in GuitarSharp. As always, if you too have any suggestions on features that you would like to see adding to GuitarSharp then please drop us a message using the Feedback menu item in the GuitarSharp software, or via our website.

Engraving Enhancements

We are pleased to announce a couple of new features in the latest release of GuitarSharp. Several of our users are now using GuitarSharp to produce sheet music for publication and for distribution to their guitar students. From this, we have been asked to make some enhancements to the engraving (screen / printing) styles used by GuitarSharp.

Take a look at the Before and After screenshots below to see these enhancements in action:

Brackets and Slanting Beams

Stave Brackets

When guitar music is published, a common style is to group the Classical and Tablature staves together to make it obvious they are specific to the same instrument. This is done by preceding the staves with a Bracket to show that the staves are grouped together. GuitarSharp now supports the displaying of this Bracket which helps improve the style of the engraved output.

Slanting Beams

In the above screenshots, you can now see that the styling of the drawn Beams between consecutive notes has been improved. Previously, Beams were simply drawn as horizontal lines connecting the stems of the notes. However, the common way of drawing these Beams in printed music is to slant the Beams (where possible) to reduce forcibly extending the note stalks that would have been necessary to draw horizontal Beams. The improvement of using slanted Beams rather then horizontal Beams gives your music an improved professional appearance. You can still force breaks in Beams where you feel the Beamed notes should be grouped in a particular way, and these Beams will also be slanted in the best way to join the notes together.

As always, any suggestions for enhancements to GuitarSharp are gratefully received . So please keep your suggestions coming!

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