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GuitarSharp is the ideal music software for helping you take your acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar playing to the next level. The easy to use features will mean you can improve your guitar skills at a pace that suits you. Let me show you some of the features.

Looping a Riff

The GuitarSharp software has been written by myself and other guitar enthusiasts like you. I remember when I started learning the guitar and I couldn't find the right tools that could help me develop my playing skills. I wanted to find a guitar software package that had a whole range of great features. I started just playing those well known riffs to impress my friends (and myself if I am truthful!). So I just wanted to easily drag and select the riff and loop it until I got it just perfect - just like shown here.

Selecting a loop back range in the GuitarSharp software.
Using the virtual fretboard to see note names and played notes on the guitar.

The Virtual Fretboard

But the guitar was very new to me and finding my way around the fretboard was still slowing me down. I'm a good visual learner, so if I could see a nice big clear fretboard which showed me where my fingers should be, then that would help me. So that's what GuitarSharp has. You can also customise the display ordering of the frets and guitar strings to however it suits you. The note names are also shown which is great as it gave me an appreciation of the music I was playing.

Playback Trainer

But getting my fingers in the right place at the right time was a challenge. I just couldn't keep up with the song, so now I needed some guitar learning software too - this is where the Playback Trainer came from. I could use this to play the music at half of its original speed. I now had time to teach my fingers which frets they should be on. The music was now almost sounding like it should - well kind of. But I needed to get my playing to the right time.

Using the Playback Trainer to play at half speed.
Using the Playback Trainer for incremental speed increases for playing practice.

Speed Training

A key element of good guitar software is to help improve your guitar playing, and the Playback Trainer's Training Mode is ideal for this. It allows me to start playing at half speed and then gradually increment the playing speed automatically once the music has been played a few times. I can now bring my playing up to speed and I don't need to take my hands off the fretboard for this to happen. Through repetition and visualisation I can learn the song bar by bar.

Embed Guitar Tutorial Videos

The above steps are a great way to learn playing music at a comfortable pace. Rather than having to learn the whole lot in one go, I can progress at my own pace. Often a bar at a time, but for some of those really tricky solos it's a case of a few notes at a time sometimes, but everyone has different playing abilities. Whenever I need to get some inspiration from other guitar players, GuitarSharp allows me to open online video tutorials in it. I can watch these lessons right within the GuitarSharp software and then flick back to my music to try out what I have learnt.

Hosting a guitar tutorial video directly within GuitarSharp.

Up Next

GuitarSharp allows you to import files from other guitar software so there is already a huge range of songs available for you to use. Have a tour of this feature, or have a tour of the Explorer which allows you to mix players, navigate within the music and add VST Effects / MIDI Devices.

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