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GuitarSharp is great for helping you transcribe and compose guitar music. There are several ways to enter music into GuitarSharp: Drag and drop, the computer keyboard, MIDI Device or the virtual fretboard. Let's take a look at these options.

Drag and Drop Editing

The GuitarSharp software has been written by myself and other guitar enthusiasts like you. When I started learning the guitar, my music notation knowledge was minimal, so I was looking for the guitar software to help me write the music and act like a word processor for transcribing music. I realise that this simplification is not always possible, but I tried lots of music software packages and found them aimed at classically trained musicians. So the aim was to write a music editor which was simple and friendly to use. By giving the editor a Drag and Drop usability meant it became easy to use and even complete novices could create music based on what they saw or visualised.

Drag and Drop music items directly onto the staves.
Auto formatting of your music as you enter it by the guitar software.

Auto Formatting

The auto-formatting the editor performs during music entry means that I have seen young children become engrossed in composing music without the feeling of being impeded by strict rules imposed by the software. But, don't be under the illusion that the simplicity of the editor means it's for children only, this editor has all the functionality of music software many times the price. For the professionals (and super users!), the computer keyboard can also be used if required. This is a faster way of inputting music and it can be mesmerising to watch music being transcribed this way.

Easily Swap and Insert

The flexibility of the music editor means you are free to replace Notes with Rests, or insert Notes that maybe you missed. When I write a letter, I'm bound to make spelling mistakes or miss out words, so when I compose music it is no different. So why should I be tied by rules that I cannot remove Notes, insert Notes or can only replace Notes with Rests like many other music editors? The GuitarSharp music editor gives you complete freedom to edit your music how you like and it will format for you as you edit.

Easily insert rests into your existing music.
Guitar Chords diagrams can be shown directly above the chords.

Guitar Chords

The music editor fully supports Chords and GuitarSharp comes with a full range of Guitar Chords in its Chord Library, which can also be extended by users. The editor also allows me to notate the Chords with Chord Diagrams above them, and I can add other adornments like lyrics, text and markers. Also available are a wide range of articulations which I can add to my music, like Hammer On, Pull Offs, Slides and Vibrato.

MIDI Input Compatible

GuitarSharp also supports MIDI Input devices. So if you have a compatible MIDI device, you can input your music directly onto the staves that way. So whenever I have been shown a new piece of music to play, I can use a MIDI guitar to input this straight into GuitarSharp so that I can transcribe it for later reference. But if I don't feel like getting so technical, I can always use the traditional way of just clicking on frets on the virtual fretboard to input the played notes instead. The complete flexibility is so liberating.

Connect a MIDI input device for direct music inputting onto staves.

Up Next

GuitarSharp allows you to import files from other guitar software so there is already a huge range of songs available for you to use. Have a tour of this feature, or have a tour of the Explorer which allows you to mix players, navigate within the music and add VST Effects / MIDI Devices.

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